“Sonic Weapons” to make our cities pest free

“Sonic Weapons” to make our cities pest free

May 30, 2018 Sentally 0

Recently renewed interest for sonic weapons made me to take a second look at the phenomena. The damage it does to our body can be better understood on this example. Watching an earthquake aftermath you may notice; some houses collapsed but some stood seemingly unaffected, regardless of the building age.


As every architect knows, each structure has internal oscillation frequency. When those frequencies coincide with the ones of seismic waves, oscillation amplifies and reduces the building to rubble.


What it has to do with sonic weapons? Seismic and infrasonic (aka infrasound) waves are of the same nature, they are both low frequency mechanical waves, but in the Earth crust they spread faster and farther than in the air.



This article is focused on infrasonic waves, we can not hear them but indirectly we sense their devastating effect. Every tissue of our body has its own internal oscillation frequency. It does not have to vibrate at the moment, but when some device generates specific sound, result can be similar to seismic waves. Blood vessels will rupture causing haemorrhage, internal organs will failure and recent studies suggest that infrasound may induce depression or anxiety.


Do not try it on your neighbours or colleagues. This kind of devices will not help to commit a perfect murder, rather the opposite.


Good news is, we feel the harm done to our body and tend to avoid such places, we do it without even understanding what is happening.


Second good news and the reason I wrote this post - powerful infrasound with specific frequencies hurts and kills every living thing. Why is it good news? If you have some “roommates” to get rid of, an infrasound generator will do the job. Unlike with pesticides or insecticides, resistance to infrasound cannot be developed; also harmful effect stops as soon as device is turned off. Infrasound pest extermination leaves or uses no toxic residue, except decomposing bodies of unwanted “roommates”.


Before turning one of those devices on, make sure there no houseplants, no pets or those who love them left inside.