“Sonic Weapons” to make our cities pest free

Recently renewed interest for sonic weapons made me to take a second look at the phenomena. The damage it does to our body can be irreversible or even lethal

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Perpetual Motion - Gravity Powered Generator

Every academic can explain why it couldn’t work; every textbook preaches the sanctity of energy conservation law, but prototype developed in Montréal, proves otherwise

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Sophism-free Atomic Model

Looking at the currently accepted atomic model I was surprised to learn that an important element is completely ignored

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Disproving Conservation of Energy

Very few physicists dare to doubt conservation of energy; doing so tarnishes reputations and destroys carriers. Nevertheless, a simple test run on pictured gyroscope disproves it.

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Alchemy vs. Space Mining

From time to time I am having a little fun asking people two questions. Is it possible to achieve what alchemists wanted - lead to gold transformation?

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Relativity Theory or Century Old Hoax

As you know, for the past 50-60 years there was no major breakthrough in physics mostly due to relativity and conservation of energy - physicists restricted themselves to those assumptions and keep hitting ubiquitous dead-ends.

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Cancer Immunotherapy – promising way to fight disease

William Coley, MD known as the Father of Cancer Immunotherapy first attempted to harness the immune system for treating cancer in the late XIX century.

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Old habits die hard








There is a special place in hell designated exclusively for members of scientific community (formerly known as Holly Inquisition) their open hostility towards any challenge to the “approved knowledge” reminds me of Galileo, he was prosecuted a century after Magellan’s circumnavigation of the Globe.


Contrary to common believes majority of inquisitors were not clergymen but well regarded scientists


Another good example, in 1827 Georg Simon Ohm found that there is a direct proportionality between the potential difference (voltage) applied across a conductor and the resultant electric current. This relationship is known as Ohm's law and every high school student can verify it. What was the reaction of contemporary physicists to the discovery? Well, nothing unusual… smear campaign lasted for years.



No wonder why, it took 30 years for Charles Darwin to publish his book. At the time, evolution theory did not comply with the “approved knowledge”.



You might think it was in the past, now things changed. Certainly they have changed, but not for better.